Heidi Uy

Senior Instructor

English Language Centre


Ms. Heidi Uy is a highly qualified English language teacher and public speaking coach with two-decade-long professional experience. She has taught students of various ages from young learners to adults in many countries including Japan, Korea, China, Cambodia, and the Philippines. Besides being a stellar teacher, Ms. Uy has considerable experience in developing teaching materials tailored to the needs of individual students regardless of their goals and initial level of English.


Her teaching portfolio includes a wide array for courses such as Public Speaking, Business English, Integrated Skills, Intensive English, IELTS / TOEFL preparation, and others.


She brings a unique perspective to the classroom by incorporating her previous corporate management experience in such industries as Banking and Insurance, Oil and Gas, and Construction into her Business English lessons. Ms. Uy has high standards and demands a lot from her students, in return giving them her charisma, energy, and individual attention to create a highly interactive and successful learning environment.


Ms. Uy comes to the British Management University in Tashkent with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Business Management, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certification, and CELTA qualifications from the University of Cambridge.