Victoria Levinskaya, Ph.D.

Victoria Levinskaya, Ph.D.

Professor of Social Sciences
Faculty of General Education

Ph.D. in Social and Political Philosophy
National University of Uzbekistan


Dr. Victoria Levinskaya is an experienced education professional and a leader who has deep understanding of the contemporary higher education space. She has a unique way of raising original and fresh perspectives on issues related to higher education and education management.


Victoria had been awarded prestigious Fulbright Visiting Scholar and Fulbright Visiting Specialist fellowships and conducted research and teaching activities at American University, Washington, DC and Jackson State University, Mississippi in the USA (in 2003 and 2007, respectively).  She is also an alumna of the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program (2009); a fellowship recipient at the National Library of Malaysia (2009); and an alumna of the International Visitor Leadership Program (2010) co-organized by Stanford, MIT and Kent State universities in the USA.


Her research interests lay within such areas as Academic Libraries Management and Civil Society development in Uzbekistan, where she has a number of impactful publications. Throughout her carrier, Victoria has worked in higher education management and administration, as well as took part in various higher education projects involving partners from the UK, the EU, the USA, Morocco, Tunisia, Malaysia, Lebanon, and many other countries. She has given series of guest lectures in different universities around the world.


Previously, Victoria Levinskaya was Senior Lecturer at the National University of Uzbekistan from 1991 till 2002 where she taught Social Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Ethics and Aesthetics related modules to bachelor’s, and Philosophical Approach to Natural Sciences to master’s students. From 2003 till 2020 Dr. Levinskaya was Head of Learning Resource Centre at Westminster International University in Tashkent, and between 2020 and 2021 she was Deputy Rector of Student Engagement and Partnership.


Dr. Victoria Levinskaya comes to the British Management University with a Ph.D. in Social and Political Philosophy and a Bachelor’s in Philosophy from the National University of Uzbekistan.

E-mail: vlevinskaya@bmu-edu.uz