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Welcome to the British Management University in Tashkent!


In line with Uzbekistan’s commitment to improving higher education, the British Management University in Tashkent (hereinafter, the University) aspires to become a top regional higher education institution that nurtures future business leaders and prepares highly qualified professionals for key industries. To achieve this important goal, we provide quality British education by following best global education practices, by leveraging our corporate connections with industry leaders, and by giving our students professional knowledge and practical skills in business management, finance, accounting and related disciplines.

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The University provides world-class higher education for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as for executives and entrepreneurs. All of them will have a great opportunity to learn from the best international and local educators who will give them knowledge and skills on a par with top global universities. All of our programmes are designed and administered according to the best global standards, taught in English, and give students an opportunity to obtain not only a University degree, but also either an international professional diploma or a second degree from one of our partner universities. All of our graduates will possess professional knowledge and practical skills that will always be in demand in their chosen field. This will give them a real opportunity for employment in their speciality in Uzbekistan or abroad.


The University’s executives and the University Advisory Board have a combined 50-year experience in senior positions in international higher education. These include well-known universities with centuries-long traditions as well as recently established young and ambitions universities from many countries including the U.K., USA, Australia, Germany, Russia, and China. Many of our faculty members have had extensive experience in Central Asia and possess in-depth understanding of the culture and the needs of all parties in Uzbekistan’s academic space. All of them are experts in the field of their specialization and are excited about sharing their knowledge and experience with students. 


In September 2020, the University accepted its first students into the Foundation Programme (Year 1 of a four-year bachelor’s degree). The Foundation is taught in English and covers both English language skills and core business concepts that students will use during further degree studies. Upon successful completion of the Programme, students receive a Certificate of Completion, which confirms that they have attained the required standards in academic and business English, as well as in the course-related skills for continuing into the University’s undergraduate degree programmes. A student experience is more than academic success. BMU supports students in personal development through lively student activities across a variety of fields, – ranging from sport activities to poetry and volunteers` movement. 


Now is an exciting time in the development of Uzbekistan. Over the next few years, the country will undergo major positive changes and it is important that you get an education that will allow you to meet the challenges ahead. Studying in our University will give you all the necessary knowledge and practical skills needed for your long-term career success!


It will be our pleasure to welcome you in the British Management University in Tashkent!

Conrad Ozóg Rector


To become a world-class management university in Central Asia that educates highly qualified professionals and future leaders.


To offer high quality British education and prepare graduates ready for life and work.


  1. to provide our students with an opportunity to learn from experienced international and local educators and give them knowledge and skills in line with top global universities;
  2. to give our graduates a real chance for a rewarding career either in Uzbekistan or abroad by equipping them with professional knowledge, in-demand life skills, and an understanding of social responsibility;
  3. to enable almost all of BMU students to be employed within 3 months of graduation.

British Management University in Tashkent

Study locally, succeed globally!

International Education

Many of our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are designed in collaboration with well-known British universities and are quality-controlled by our partners. Such International Track programmes are especially attractive to students who later plan to work or study abroad. In addition to a degree from the University, students will have an opportunity to obtain a second degree from designated partner universities or a professional diploma upon successful completion of additional examinations. Students who have studied in single-degree Professional Track programmes but desire to receive a second bachelor’s degree from our U.K. partners will be able to do so by enrolling in a top-up programme during their 4th year of studies at the University.



Degree Programmes:

 Bachelor of Science (BSC) degrees

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Banking and Finance (with an Investment option)
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)

 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degrees

  • Project Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • e-Business and Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  • Communication and Public Relations (PR)
  • Economics and Sustainable Development

 Opening in 2023

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a concentration in:

  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Strategic Project Management
  • Entrepreneurship in Education
  • Data Analysis and Visualization

Students who have chosen to specialise in Accounting and who have been successfully advancing through ACCA professional examinations, will also have an opportunity to obtain a second degree from two prominent U.K. universities: BSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University or MSc in Professional Accountancy from the University of London (see under “Programmes” for more details).

Industry Partnership

Collaboration with the business sector and an entrepreneurial mindset are imperative for our students’ future success. From curriculum development to career planning, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with local and international business executives and entrepreneurs. Close university-industry links offer significant advantages to the business sector as well. All of our faculty members are experts in the field of their specialisation and, in addition to their past experience at prestigious universities, they have consulted many large companies as well as start-ups.

Links with International Professional Organisations

The University has currently received a Silver status from the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (U.K.), and is obtaining certification from the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (USA) and the Project Management Institute (USA). This initiative not only ensures that all of our programmes are designed and administered according to the best global educational standards, but allows our students to receive internationally recognised degrees and certificates upon completion of their studies.

Career Development Centre

The Career Development Centre will be established at the University to help prepare students for a successful professional career. The Centre will serve as a bridge between the companies looking for competent specialists and the students looking for a career in the corporate sector or in entrepreneurship. The activities of the Centre will include expanding the networking possibilities between our students, business executives of international and local companies, and successful entrepreneurs.

Employability at home and abroad

All degrees offered by the University will equip students with professional knowledge and practical skills that will always be in demand in leading sectors of economy both by employers in Uzbekistan and the neighbouring countries, as well as by international companies.

Legal Documents

The British Management University is the 8th private university to have a license, issued by the government. The University was established based on the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which you can access through the link below:


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