How to Apply?

Tuition Fees, Scholarships and Grants

Admission Criteria

Application Procedure

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee in 2021-2022 is 37 000 000 (thirty seven million) Uzbek soums (UZS) for the full academic year (September 2021 – May 2022).

The tuition fee is payable two times per academic year in the amount 18 500 000 (eighteen million five hundred thousand) UZS before the beginning of each semester. If the payment is made for the whole academic year, the total amount is reduced to 35 000 000 (thirty five million) UZS.



2 types of scholarships are available for students with high academic performance based on their results from the spring semester of their first year of study: Golden (1 million soums per month) and Silver (500 thousand soums per month). 



University grants covering all (100%) tuition fees will be awarded to outstanding applicants from low-income families (must provide relevant documents).


Grants covering 50% of tuition fees will be awarded to applicants with a score of 7.0 or higher on the IELTS who perform well on the mathematics portion of the admissions exam and interview successfully with the Grant Commission.


An application for a grant can only be submitted after the applicant has passed all entrance exams and received an Offer Letter from the university.

Minimum Admission Criteria for the Foundation


 A secondary school / academic lyceum / professional college diploma and the academic transcript, if available.


 IELTS ≥ 5.5 or an equivalent (TOEFL ≥ 46, Duolingo ≥ 85, Pearson ≥ 42).



STEP 1: Prepare your passport or ID card to have it ready.


STEP 2: Start your application by clicking on APPLY NOW button on the right side of the front page of this website to create a personal account and to fill in an online application form.


STEP 3: Schedule the off-line BMU Mathematics Exam (60 minutes long) by choosing an appropriate exam date with a help of online calendar.


STEP 4: Arrive to BMU campus at assigned time with 1) your PASSPORT and 2) a SCANNED COPY of your PASSPORT (you can use REPUBLIC of UZBEKISTAN IDENTIFICATION CARD instead of passport) to take BMU Maths exam.




Note: you will be notified of the University’s admission decision (admitted / denied) within three weeks after you complete all of the above-mentioned steps. The decision will be made available in your personal account in the form of the official letter from the University.