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The unexpected situation with COVID-19 has created unforeseen problems for all of us. We are fully aware that you may not be able to provide some of the documents listed below. Please do your best to provide what we ask for and we will try to be flexible and understanding and will help you put everything together and complete the “puzzle”.



Conrad Ozog, Rector

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Admission Criteria for the Foundation

Application Procedure

Tuition Fees

 The tuition fee for the Foundation programme in 2020-2021 is 37 000 000 (thirty seven million) Uzbek so’ms (UZS) for the full academic year (September 2020 – June 2021).

 The tuition fee is payable two times per academic year in the amount 18 500 000 (eighteen million five hundred thousand) Uzbek so’ms (UZS) before the beginning of each semester. If the payment is made for the whole academic year, the total amount becomes 36 000 000 (thirty six million) Uzbek so’ms (UZS).



 Every year the University allocates 20 grants covering 100% of the tuition fee to those students, who exhibit excellent academic abilities and performance and who come from the families in need of social assistance.

☛ To apply for such a grant, it is necessary to go through the University application procedure first, then submit a grant application letter, present all the necessary documents and pass an additional interview with the Committee for Grants and Scholarships.

☛ All the details regarding the grant application procedure will be announced at a later date.



 Starting from the spring semester of their first year, 30 students with exceptional academic performance will receive a scholarship in the amount of 1 mil / 0.75 mil / 0.50 mil UZS per month (10 people per level). The list of scholarship recipients will be updated every semester in order to ensure that the 30 best students are eligible in any given semester.

Minimum Admission Criteria


 A secondary school / academic lyceum / professional college diploma and the academic transcript, if available


 IELTS ≥ 5.0 or an equivalent, if available (IELTS Indicator is NOT accepted)

Note 1: For those applicants who could not take IELTS (or equivalent) due to COVID-19 restrictions, the University will administer an English Language Assessment that will test grammar, reading, and vocabulary


 Pass the BMU Mathematics Assessment with the mark of 50% or higher


 Pass a Personal Interview with one of our instructors and native speakers of English


STEP 1: Start your application by clicking on “APPLY NOW” button in the lower right-hand corner to create a personal account, fill in an online application form and upload clear scanned copies or photos of the following documents:

 Your passport

 Your secondary school/academic lyceum/professional college diploma and the academic transcript, if available

 Your IELTS certificate or equivalent, if available (IELTS Indicator is NOT accepted)


STEP 2: Practice using our free online assessment preparation tools for English (if you do not have IELTS or equivalent) and Mathematics


STEP 3: Pass the BMU Mathematics Assessment (30-45 minutes long) with the mark of 50%

 Present an IELTS certificate with the overall score of 5.0 or pass the BMU English Language Assessment (45-60 minutes long) if you do not have an IELTS certificate


STEP 4: Pass a Personal Interview (approximately 15 minutes long) with one of our instructors and a native speaker of English

 Only those who have passed Step 3 above will be allowed to proceed to the interview


Note: We will begin the assessments and interviews as soon as the quarantine situation allows. We expect that this will happen in the second part of June 2020 (details will be announced later).


You will be notified of the University’s admission decision (admitted / waitlisted / denied) within 10 working days after you complete all of the above-mentioned steps. The decision will be made available in your personal account in the form of the official letter from the University.

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