Zafar Gafurov

Lecturer in Quantitative Methods
Faculty of General Education

M.A. in Economics
Renmin University, China


Mr. Zafar Gafurov currently teaches Quantitative Methods in Business to the Foundation programme students.  He is an ambitious and hard-working educator who has accumulated significant practical experience in teaching English as a second language in various international private schools and institutes in Beijing, China. He also worked in the supply chain department of “GM Uzbekistan”, as marketing assistant in “Zeleniy Chay”, and as a sales associate in “Miora Group” in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


Mr. Gafurov currently runs his own business in the academic sector; he is the founder of “Z First” education centre.  He is an open-minded and a dedicated teacher with a good sense of humour.  Zafar’s interactive teaching style helps him find common ground with his students easily and he always strives to help his students stay on the path of constant achievement.


Mr. Gafurov received his Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing from the University of Wales (Britain) and his Master’s degree in Economics from Renmin University (China).