Michael Tworek, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO
Cambridge Humanities Group

Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship
Faculty of General Education

Ph.D. in History
Harvard University, USA


Dr. Michael Tworek is a founder and CEO of Cambridge Humanities Group, a U.S.-based EdTech startup that is developing innovative AI-backed solutions to unlock new opportunities for educators and students to connect with each other around the world. Dr. Tworek has advised educational providers and institutions worldwide on their programme development and talent needs. His extensive business, consulting, and academic expertise has been recognised by the Boston Consulting Group and the Boston Area Association for Study Abroad.


Dr. Tworek is an associate in the History Department at Harvard University, where he has taught for over 12 years. His areas of teaching and research expertise include the history of education and globalization, educational entrepreneurship, STEM, leadership and communication, the future of learning and work, and the ethics of AI. He has held visiting fellowships at Warsaw University, the Harvard University Research Center for Italian Renaissance Studies, and the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study. Dr. Tworek has received various prestigious fellowships and awards for his research, from the Fulbright Commission among others. He has also earned the Excellence in Teaching Award seven times during his service at Harvard University.


Dr. Tworek received his Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in Education from Trinity University (USA). He received his Ph.D. degree in History from Harvard University (USA).