Samuel Robertson

Lecturer in Social Studies
Faculty of General Education
MA in Central Eurasian Stuidies
University of Warrick, U.K.


Mr. Samuel Robertson was born in Kansas City, USA, and grew up in Maine. His academic interests include public-sector organizational culture, management practices, and comparative public administration, particularly in post-socialist contexts. He taught English for Academic Purposes and legal English for two years at Tashkent State University of Law and the Law Enforcement Academy of Uzbekistan with the Fulbright programme.

He has also collaborated with American Councils for International Education on youth leadership and development programs for secondary and university students in Uzbekistan. He strives to make his lessons both interactive and transformative and loves learning from his students just as much as he loves teaching them. Outside of work, his interests include cooking (and eating) Uzbek national food, traveling across Uzbekistan and Central Asia, and studying languages.

Mr. Robertson received his BA in Political Science and International Affairs from Northeastern University (Boston, USA) and his Master of Public Affairs and MA in Central Eurasian Studies from Indiana University Bloomington (USA).