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Tashkent Toastmasters Club

Welcome to Tashkent Toastmasters Club. Set in the heart of Tashkent at the British Management University, our club has been established with the purpose of providing a supportive and positive learning experience to develop public speaking, communication and self-initiative. The majority of our members speak English as a Second Language and want to be part of a learn-by-doing practice. Speakers are encouraged to explore their ideas and find their own voice while delivering speeches. Similarly, opportunities for reflective listening and clarity of speaking are facilitated through the evaluations and impromptu talks. Our club welcomes visitors from a range of professions and experiences who wish to build their network base and engage in personal development.

Meeting Format

Each Toastmasters meeting is divided into three major parts. Table Topics, Prepared Speeches and Formal Evaluations.

  1. Table Topics – One of the most challenging elements of communication is impromptu speaking. Table Topics offers the ongoing challenge to speak in front of a group without preparation. Members are called to the front of the room to spontaneously comment on a subject that is provided by the Table Topics Master for the day. It is an excellent way for first-time attendees to gain their first experience of a Toastmasters speech.
  2. Prepared Speeches – These are scheduled in advance every month, with members signing up to prepare and deliver a “prepared” speech. At Tashkent Toastmasters Club, we have four prepared speakers in each meeting. Speeches are normally between 3 and 6 minutes in length. Participants are at liberty to present any topic they’d like but speeches usually follow the guidelines of educational manuals produced by Toastmasters International.
  3. Formal Evaluations – One of the most rewarding elements in Toastmasters is the opportunity to deliver a speech and subsequently receive an evaluation in a supportive environment. An evaluator typically congratulates the speaker on a job well done, points out several areas of the speech that were performed well and offers 2 or 3 areas to improve upon.

At the end of each meeting, attendees vote for who they felt did the best job at presenting a Table Topic, Prepared Speech and Formal Evaluation. This keeps things competitive and interesting for all members. It also gives newcomers to the club something to strive for.


The best way to learn more about our meetings is to attend as a guest.

Committee Officers 2022

The committee serves the Tashkent Toastmasters club and works cohesively to translate strategies into productive actions. Each leadership position has different responsibilities, including building the club’s membership, summarizing articles from the newsletters, allocating participation roles and communicating with Toastmasters International.  As with any membership association, our club relies on a well-functioning executive to keep it running smoothly and growing. Serving on the executive is one of the best ways for members to acquire leadership competencies. Come and speak to the friendly team during our meetings.

Toastmasters International

Our club is a chapter of Toastmasters International, headquartered in the USA. Since 1924 Toastmasters International has established itself as a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a network of clubs. The organization exceeds 350,000 members across 145 countries.


Join a Meeting
Our meetings are held once a month at the British Management University. We meet in Lecture Hall 302 between the times of 4pm – 6pm, depending on other events scheduled during the academic year. You do not have to register to attend as a guest.


Contact Us
Why not come along to our next meeting? You can also connect with on social media:
Telegram: https://t.me/Tashkent_Toastmasters_Official