Megan Frazer

Senior Instructor

English Language Centre


Ms. Megan Frazer comes from Canberra, Australia and has over 10 years of experience teaching English in Asia. After graduating from university with a degree in Asian Studies, Ms. Frazer moved to South Korea, where she worked as an English teacher in a local primary school. It was there that she discovered a love of teaching and decided to pursue it as a career. She went on to teach children and adults in China, Malaysia and Singapore, and has delivered a wide range of courses including English conversation, IELTS preparation, and academic writing. More recently, she worked for three years on a project in Timor-Leste teaching English and academic skills to their military.


Ms. Frazer has completed her DELTA (the Diploma of English Language Teaching to Adults) qualification. Her key professional interests involve integrating authentic materials (such as TV series, newspaper articles, and so on) into the classroom and using them as learning tools. She believes that the best way to learn English is through exposure and practice every day, and she is keen to share with her students the best ways to use different types of media to develop their English.


Ms. Frazer comes to the British Management University in Tashkent with a Bachelor’s degrees in Asian Politics, International Relations, and Indonesian Language from the Australia National University, as well as CELTA and DELTA qualifications from the University of Cambridge.