Stephen Reeves

Stephen Reeves

English Language Centre


Mr. Stephen Reeves is from Kent, England and has a background in teaching English as a second language and business English training. Over a twelve-year period, his experience working in the Russian Federation has included teaching in language academies, working as a trainer and consultant for major multi-national corporations, as well as working towards the development of a language programme in a top-tier federal hospital. Previous corporate clients include market leaders in pharmaceuticals, technology, finance, and natural resources.


Mr. Reeves’ primary focus is to develop the core skills of a language user, with a strong focus on key grammar usage and the steady maturation of a high level of linguistic accuracy. In his free time, he has an interest in global history and languages.


Mr. Reeves comes to the British Management University in Tashkent with a degree in English Literature from the University of Central Lancashire, TEFL professional certification, TKT certification, and having participated in a multitude of internal professional training programmes.